About us

Company Declaration


At From the Couch, Co, we are passionately dedicated to easing youth's transition to independence by offering stylish, affordable products that beautify their homes. Our mission goes beyond decoration; We seek to be the catalyst that allows those with refined taste to maintain their sophisticated lifestyle while taking their first steps towards autonomy. With an unwavering commitment to quality, creativity and social responsibility, we aspire for every corner of the home to reflect the uniqueness of those who live in it, thus contributing to the positive evolution of society.


At From the Couch, Co, we imagine a future where our products become an integral part of millions of homes around the world, being the preferred choice for those seeking to fuse elegance and comfort. We envision a lasting impact, where each item we offer contributes to the creation of unique and expressive spaces. We strive to be recognized as the brand that transforms the experience of self-living, setting the standard in home design and significantly contributing to social well-being through initiatives that go beyond decoration. On this journey into the future, we see ourselves not only as suppliers of products, but as partners in each individual's journey towards independence and authenticity.


At From the Couch, Co, our essence is reflected in fundamental values ​​that guide every aspect of our work. Honesty drives transparency in every interaction, from the quality of our products to communication with our customers. Responsibility is the basis of our operation, from the choice of sustainable materials to on-time delivery. Creativity is our driving force, inspiring innovative solutions that celebrate personal expression in every home. Committed to excellence , we select durable materials and collaborate with reliable suppliers to guarantee quality in each product. We celebrate diversity and encourage unique expression , allowing each individual to show their identity in the home. Beyond decoration, we contribute to social well-being by supporting projects and initiatives that promote community development and prosperity. These values ​​not only define who we are, but also serve as the compass that guides our ongoing commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Objectives and goals

At From the Couch, Co, we pursue goals that encapsulate our vision of being a leading home design brand. We are committed to maintaining and elevating excellence in the quality of our products, offering an exceptional customer experience from online browsing to delivery. We pursue constant innovation in design and functionality, while sustainably expanding our global presence, reaching new audiences and markets. Our social commitment translates into initiatives that contribute to the well-being of communities, and we aspire to be recognized worldwide as a brand that embodies elegance and quality in every corner of the home. Additionally, we strive to adopt sustainable practices that support environmental responsibility in the production and use of our products. These goals reflect our strong commitment to continuous improvement and creating a positive impact on the world around us.